Risks of visiting Mexico

I’m convinced if you follow some simple rules, nothing severe will happen to you in Mexico.

Still, there are some things that are unfortunately not really unusual to happen EVEN IF you follow those rules. And although none of them happened to me (lucky duck), some of my friends were a little less blessed and those are actually all misfortunes that happened around me.


Quite obvious, right? You already know you can prevent that by taking care of your bag and pockets but still it happens. Before I came to Mexico, I bought a cheap phone with theft insurance. Additionally, you should turn on Cloud synchronization so you’re prepared even if it happens.

Things might be stolen out of your car.

Don’t leave valuables in the car. Not even if you just want to make a short stop for tacos (in remembrance of Dave’s new MacBook).

Police officers are not necessarily the good ones in Mexico.

Especially in tourist regions the police might stop you, invent a reason and ask for a lot of money. Although we rented cars quite frequently, it never happened to us and I started thinking it might be a thing they only do to guys. I don’t know though. I heard of two ways to react in what I consider a “good way”: Pretend not to know Spanish nor English (caution: might have an undesired effect for English natives if you have to show your ID šŸ˜‰ ) or negotiate. Yes, you can bargain with police officers for a cheaper “fine” in Mexico.

Credit Card Scam.

That’s when they basically copy your credit card data and manipulate the terminal so that it saves your pin. Then they withdraw money or pay online with your data. In most of the cases your bank will recognize and block the transaction or your insurance would pay. Anyway, you can check your insurance policy, avoid to pay with credit card in seemingly non-professional places and change your pin frequently.
In five months I didn’t hear of anyone who experienced worse and I honestly think visiting Mexico is worth taking those comparably small risks.
I got more sensible for certain situations when those things happened to my friends, so I hope this short post might help you to prepare better for your visit!

Let me know in the comments if something happened to you once while traveling and what, if you found this helpful and if you were aware of those risks before!


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